02/10/09 — Jettison all: Sorry Mr. President, but all of the policies did not work

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Jettison all: Sorry Mr. President, but all of the policies did not work

OK, we listened, and President Barack Obama made it clear he feels his election to the office of president of the United States carries with it some clout.

He did not mince words in his statements Monday night -- letting Republican dissenters know that their calls for more responsible spending and more tax cuts are falling on somewhat hard-of-hearing ears.

After all, he said to the nation during his press conference Monday night, he has a mandate from the American people who voted him into office to see a change in economic policy.

Well, he got part of that right.

Most Americans who signed on the Obama bandwagon were anxious for change in all forms -- and that includes the tired old Washington policies that cost taxpayers billions.

Not too many working people of any kind voted eagerly to increase the size of the national bureaucracy and to add to their already burgeoning tax debt.

As much as they did not want to see excess in corporate boardrooms, they also did not want to see rash spending in government either.

So, yes, Americans did vote for change. But recent polls suggesting a lukewarm reception for the $827 billion stimulus bill suggest that what they really wanted to see was someone who rejects the age-old theory that there is a money fountain in Washington.

The truth is that the excesses in government -- and foolish policies promoted by Democrats in relation to housing and the financial markets -- are part of the reason that there is an economic crisis.

So, what voters were voting for was really a complete change -- a different view of how one should conduct business in Washington.

That said, something needs to be done, and Americans understand this. But most of us know that what we do now will have consequences later.

So we expect our leaders to think through their response -- and to make the best decision.

Now is not the time to scare us -- or to suggest that this spending bill will immediately put millions back to work. We are too smart for that.

So as you make your way across the U.S. talking to communities and families, be prepared.

We are thinking about our future as much as our present -- and we expect you to do the same.

You promised change -- make sure you understand really what that means -- for both parties.

Published in Editorials on February 10, 2009 9:29 AM