02/12/09 — Speak up: Low-income housing plan needs to be scrutinized

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Speak up: Low-income housing plan needs to be scrutinized

Sometimes items come before a board or a council and they get a look, but not much more than that.

The public officials do their job, but without any outcry or input from the public, all they can do is follow the rules. And sometimes those rules cannot put a stop to something unless there is good reason for it or the public puts its foot down against the proposal.

So the fact that a developer is hoping to add "low-income" housing to the Rosewood area is a fact that those who live in that area should take great interest in following.

Well-run, well-kept low-income housing is a necessity, but to pretend that there are no consequences for the placement of such apartments in a community is naive.

And to ignore the fact that all developments are not well-run or well-kept is just irresponsible.

So while the request deserves the attention of county officials -- and the letter of the law for such requests should be followed -- anyone who lives in the area being considered as the location should speak up if there is a reason not to approve such a request.

And the track record of the proposed builder should also be scrutinized to make sure he will do what he says he is going to do and make sure any such construction is well-built and well-maintained.

Wayne County certainly does not need any more substandard housing -- or a whole lot more low-income housing in disrepair for that matter.

Responsible officials have the matter in their sights -- now all that remains to do is ask the right questions.

Published in Editorials on February 12, 2009 10:42 AM