03/17/09 — Handouts fail: Reality is, if free money exists, some simply won't work

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Handouts fail: Reality is, if free money exists, some simply won't work

It does not really matter whether they are a corporate executive with AIG or if they are someone who has figured out how to work the system, for some people, when there is free money available, there is little reason to seek productivity.

For others, industry is a basic tenet that our parents taught us years ago -- if you work hard, your diligence will be rewarded. It is called a work ethic.

But for some people, it has been replaced with a "give me what I am owed" demand.

To encourage economic growth in this country, its officials have to learn that handing out money like it is going out of style simply does nothing but increase the number of people who will take advantage of the opportunity.

Those who have learned the lessons of ingenuity and industry will take the help to improve their lots -- to get back on their feet, to learn new skills, to keep their families going while they explore other opportunities. They will use the help to put themselves back on their feet.

Those are the people we should want to help.

But those who refuse to see the changes they need to make, still think they are owed a job or who simply aren't trying, are as much of a drain on this economy as failed government mortgage policy.

It is time to harken back to the days when working hard meant something.

If we have learned anything during this economic crisis, it is that the other way -- the free money way -- simply does not work.

No matter to whom you give the freebies.

Published in Editorials on March 17, 2009 10:20 AM