03/30/09 — A humble hero: Dr. William Plummer served with humility and dignity

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A humble hero: Dr. William Plummer served with humility and dignity

You would not have known by talking to Dr. William Plummer that he was one of the leading veterinarians in the state with numerous honors from his peers and many contributions to his profession.

He wasn't one to talk about his own success.

You also would not have known, unless you had heard it from someone else, that Dr. Plummer was a war hero -- a man who flew 88 combat missions during World War II and became a storied fighter pilot.

He wasn't the sort of person who would have bragged about that -- or any -- achievement.

And you might not even have been aware of just how much Dr. Plummer contributed to his community and his church -- mostly behind the scenes.

What made Dr. Plummer special to his family and friends was that he wasn't the kind of man who wanted you to know what he was doing to help others, either as a veteran, a community member or as a veterinarian.

He sought no accolades because that wasn't why he served. He considered the work he did in the many areas of his life his duty -- something that should be part of anyone's life who cared about his community or his country.

He was not a fussy man -- and he was not one to accept the spotlight willingly. That is the reason his first response when he received one of his many honors was "I don't think I deserve it, but I appreciate it."

And that, in itself, is why so many have so much respect for the man Dr. Plummer was and why he has left such a mark on the community that has been his home for so many years.

He is an example of how life should be lived -- with priorities firmly ordered and the desire to help others accomplished with little fanfare.

Dr. Plummer gave all that he could to his work and his life -- and along the way, made sure to give others a helping hand, too.

He is the epitome of what a servant leader should be -- a man whose life mirrored the faith he held so close to his heart.

And that example is what his community will remember -- and try to emulate.

Published in Editorials on March 30, 2009 10:49 AM