04/09/09 — Wasted time: Save money by giving bureaucrats less time to think

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Wasted time: Save money by giving bureaucrats less time to think

Want to know why our federal government has so little time and so little money?

The answer is simple -- there are too many bureaucrats who have too much time to sit around and think of ridiculous ways to make all of our state and local governments move less efficiently.

This week's case in point -- the fact that the Wayne County school district has had to ban womanless beauty pageants because there is some threat to some federal funding if they exist in a public school district.

Scratching your head about what could possibly be the reason that the district would have to worry about something so ridiculous as that?

It seems such pageants are potentially discriminatory and a violation of the rights of someone.

We are honestly not sure if it is the women or the men whose rights are violated -- guess it depends on your interpretation -- and the specific contestant's costume.

So, let's review.

Instead of worrying about really important things, like the demise of families, the number of children who are having babies or providing more funds for better educational programs, these sage officials have decided to target popular public fundraisers that harm no one's self-image, except those who have no sense of humor.

But thank goodness someone is out there protecting our youths from the epidemic of womanless beauty pageants.

After all, it is a nice break from all the time wasted on creating the thousands of federal hoops schools and governments have to jump through that have cost taxpayers huge amounts of time and money.

Here's a way to take a bite out of the state and federal deficit. How about we fine anyone $1,000 who comes up with the dumb idea or regulation that ends up causing stress and wasted time.

We would all be rich.

Published in Editorials on April 9, 2009 10:42 AM