04/10/09 — $6 at a time: County can pitch in to buy T-shirts for the athletes

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$6 at a time: County can pitch in to buy T-shirts for the athletes

It really would not cost you that much to help.

All you would have to do is go cheap for dinner or lunch and maybe forgo a latte or two.

For a little more than $6, you could make sure a Special Olympian had a T-shirt to wear, proudly, in the upcoming county competition.

Many of the county's Special Olympians are not from wealthy families -- and their disabilities are often not the cheapest to treat and manage. So, coming up with extras like a T-shirt -- or sometimes equipment like shoes or weights -- simply is not possible.

The Special Olympics Committee is running into the same concerns that everyone is facing. There is not a lot of extra money floating around right now.

So, many businesses that have been staunch supporters in the past simply cannot afford to offer much help this year.

So, it is time for the community to step in -- and perhaps an organization -- to offer a hand.

While $1,500 might not seem like a lot of money, it can be an insurmountable mountain when you are struggling to make sure the competition, which many of these athletes look forward to all year long, has the money to continue. And then there are the costs of training and other activities that go along with the event.

If you have ever been to a Special Olympics event, you know that the joy you see on the athletes' faces is worth denying yourself something to offer $6 for a T-shirt.

So, please, help if you can.

It won't take long for this county to offset the cost.

And the reward will be immeasurable.

Published in Editorials on April 10, 2009 10:40 AM