04/16/09 — Standards check: County's discussion on zoning first step to taking control

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Standards check: County's discussion on zoning first step to taking control

The applicability might not be the easiest to figure out when it comes to deciding who will be able to build what, where and how in Wayne County.

That is the reason there are usually more rules in cities -- and an easier time enforcing those standards. The area to police is much smaller.

But Wayne County's first steps toward talking more about zoning is a good start to getting more control over properties and construction of all sorts.

County officials are saying that the decision to begin public discussions about zoning possibilities in the county is not directly related to the recent announcement that a local developer is considering building a new low-income housing neighborhood in Rosewood.

But that is a good reason for county officials -- and county property owners -- to continue or to accelerate discussions.

Zoning rules protect more than just the integrity of communities. Keeping control of what is built -- and possibly how it is maintained -- is a great way to help preserve property values. Development issues are also critical. Officials have to design regulations that encourage proper investment by individuals and businesses, while not imposing such oppressive rules that investors look elsewhere -- and take their jobs with them.

Residents are going to have their chance to share their opinions and to tell county officials what they want to see as it relates to zoning in their county. And now is the time to speak up if you have a vision for future development in Wayne County.

Setting more ground rules now will prevent more trouble later.

Published in Editorials on April 16, 2009 10:43 AM