04/17/09 — Protest counts: Just because it's conservative doesn't mean it is to be ignored

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Protest counts: Just because it's conservative doesn't mean it is to be ignored

Here is a little news for all those pundits and news personnel who have been spending the last 24 hours trying discount the hundreds of thousands of people across the United States who decided to let someone know that they do not want to fund any more irresponsible government spending.

The protests that were organized across the country as mini-Boston Tea Parties were more than just a few malcontents sitting around looking for another reason to bash President Barack Obama.

And while they were backed by many Republican party organizations in many states, they were not an orchestrated political move, either.

There are many people in this country who are worried about what the incredible increase in debt will mean for the future -- and they do not agree that it is their patriotic duty to pay more taxes either.

And this week, they chose to let their government leaders know that they are watching.

When there is a gathering of war protesters -- or anything else that espouses a liberal bent -- the attention paid to the efforts is respectful.

The same courtesy was not afforded by many media personnel to the gatherings that were held in hundreds of communities across the state.

Those who gathered were dismissed as people just looking to complain, with no real reason to be gathered at all.

And that is just the sort of attitude that could cause many of those politicians problems come November.

The protests this week were a first step for those who are not sure they like where their country is heading. And for those who seek to dismiss them, they should be aware that more are likely on the horizon.

Published in Editorials on April 17, 2009 10:52 AM