05/07/09 — Show up: Tonight's the night to get real story on MPO

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Show up: Tonight's the night to get real story on MPO

Tonight's meeting at the New Hope Friends Church (U.S. 70 East, at 7 p.m.) is a start to putting an end to the misunderstanding that seems to have developed with regard to the intentions of the Municipal Planning Organization.

Those who have concerns should be there -- and ask the officials who plan to attend all the questions they want about how the MPO works and what powers it has and should have.

There has been much talk around town about the MPOs and the perceived underlying intentions of this organization.

And just like any good game of "pass the secret" there has been plenty of misinformation and conspiracy theory that have resulted in a whole lot of people being pretty concerned about the powers of this organization and who is in charge of development in this county.

But can you blame them?

If you sit around believing, innocently, that an organization has a benevolent intent, and you ignore what you see as warning signs, you know what happens. Being concerned enough to demand an explanation, now, before there is a problem is the right and responsible action to take.

So those residents who are concerned need to address the issue head-on -- with direct questions. And if there are public officials who do not understand the MPO and how it works, they should be there to hear the presentation, too.

No more third-hand analysis or suspect motives.

Tonight is one of the first steps to getting answers and setting a course for this county's transportation and development future -- with facts, not rumor.

Published in Editorials on May 7, 2009 10:44 AM