05/20/09 — Leadership: County needs its best, brightest to become part of the future

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Leadership: County needs its best, brightest to become part of the future

There aren't many people these days who can sit back and say they have plenty of extra time that they are looking to spend.

In fact, for many business and community leaders, time is what they have the least to share.

This week, the Wayne County Chamber of Commerce's Leadership Wayne program graduated yet another class of people who decided to find the time to become leaders in their community and players in its future.

They gave their time not only to learning more about how their county works, but also donated their sweat to complete a community service project.

And in the end, many of them said it was an experience that opened their eyes not only to what is good about their community, but awakened their determination to be a part of its future.

That is exactly what this community needs more of.

If you attend board meetings for community organizations around town, you will see many of the same faces -- most of whom are not as young as they once were. A core of people keep many of these efforts moving and are instrumental in planning this county's future.

And while their expertise is vital and appreciated, they need some help from those who will soon be the go-to people when it comes to moving this county forward -- a group ready to take over the leadership responsibilities when the time comes.

Leadership Wayne County is one step toward building that army of knowledge, sweat equity and dedication to continue the hard work toward making this community grow and prosper.

There is still time to nominate someone in your organization to become part of the Leadership Wayne County experience -- and to inspire a young leader to become a part of this community's future.

There are more than 20 years of class members who can attest to the benefits of the program -- and they are now busy putting together an alumni group that will be focused on continuing that commitment.

But keeping this community moving forward will take more than certificates and class pictures. Leadership Wayne County offers the chance to show future leaders what it takes to make a difference.

All the program needs to complete that mission are future leaders ready to make that commitment.

Published in Editorials on May 20, 2009 10:33 AM