05/21/09 — 'Idol' lessons: Music competition says there is still something to American dream

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'Idol' lessons: Music competition says there is still something to American dream

Aren't you just a little sick of politics, done deals and contrived competitions?

We all are -- and we all need a break.

So, when the results were in on last night's "American Idol" finale and the winner was not the anointed choice but the underdog, it was a nice diversion and a chance to believe again that there is a reason to dream.

Sometimes, it is not the polished, near-professional who makes the cut, but the person who started with nothing and grew into success.

And in this age when everything seems so uncertain and so many are lamenting what they see as the loss of the principles on which this country was founded, how nice is it to see a metaphor for what America really is all about.

No matter how much our politicians mess things up and no matter how many times we have to listen to people bad-mouth this country, the reality does not change -- this is a nation that celebrates individuals and the power they have to make their dreams come true.

OK, so Kris Allen beating Adam Lambert isn't as important as world peace, but it is a reminder that the core of this nation is good -- and it really is the beacon of light for freedom and possibilities.

There will be a chance for more politics and partisan bickering tomorrow. Today, celebrate the fact that you live in a country where a 23-year-old newlywed college student from Arkansas can still be your "American Idol."

Published in Editorials on May 21, 2009 10:45 AM