05/23/09 — Change, revealed: Protecting the principles on which we stand takes work

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Change, revealed: Protecting the principles on which we stand takes work

Change has a nice ring to it.

It implies that the next step -- the one that is detailed after the call to arms -- will be a necessary evil on the road to building something better, more efficient.

So, in most cases, change is welcome, a breath of fresh air, a chance to start again.

But in the last few months, many people across this country have wondered just how much change this country needs right now, both as it repairs itself domestically, and as it feels out its new role abroad. They see core values they themselves are not sure they disagree with being rocked -- and policies being made that suggest that perhaps there is a new sheriff in town.

And what scares them is that many of those in charge might be seeking change for partisan sake, to prove that their way is the better way -- oblivious to what might already have been working.

Many Americans voted halfheartedly for change in November. But it was not the wholesale revamp of American values and priorities that seems to be on the agenda of many of those in power now.

It was an inclusive change they sought -- one that would put the U.S. on a united path -- a merging of sorts of what is good about this country and what could be made even better through listening to new ideas from both sides.

And that is how it was presented -- a new cooperation, a new direction, a new America.

The problem is, there really wasn't so much so wrong about the old America. There were areas that needed to be fixed -- places where some people seem to have forgotten the tenets on which this nation was founded.

We had -- and have -- work to do, but our foundation was solid.

And that is why it is time to be vigilant about the direction this nation is headed -- and to make sure those who represent its citizenry understand clearly the job they were sent to Washington to do.

When your country stands for something -- whether that be freedom, faith, industriousness or opportunity -- you have to guard those qualities with fervor and a ferocious determination not to let anyone, anywhere sully them.

You have to be a watchdog of sorts -- determined to toss out of office anyone who decides that his or her agenda is more important than the principles upon which this nation was built and has functioned admirably for more than 200 years.

You have to remember that change is not a solution if it is not accompanied by core values and principles.

This nation is strong -- and will remain so.

All it takes is citizens who remember the best parts about it -- and strive to protect them.

Published in Editorials on May 23, 2009 11:20 PM