06/04/09 — Don't panic: OK, so the flu has hit here. Just use common sense.

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Don't panic: OK, so the flu has hit here. Just use common sense.

When someone tells you that a disease that has killed people is now in your community, there is a tendency to worry -- just a little bit -- even if you have read all of the supporting information that tells you not to be concerned.

But Wednesday's confirmed case of H1N1, commonly known as swine flu, is nothing to be concerned about as long as you use some common sense in protecting your family, health officials are saying.

Doing the normal stuff like washing your hands, staying home if you are sick and using common sense when visiting people with compromised immune systems are good ways to make sure this flu remains an annoyance and does not become a danger.

So while you are right to seek information to protect your family, excessive worrying simply is not necessary.

Flu is always something to take seriously -- especially if your family includes children or the elderly. So following the instructions given by health professionals is just smart -- no matter what kind of flu is floating around out there.

This might even be considered a dress rehearsal for later this year.

This early summer round of illness will allow this county and others around the state to make sure the proper precautions are in place when the real flu season hits.

By then, health officials should know more about H1N1, who needs special medicine to prevent it and the best way to keep this community safe.

So, read the information, nag your children to wash their hands and to cover their mouths, but don't let a panic set in.

H1N1 is conquerable -- and, for now, under control.

This community's goal should be to keep it that way.

Published in Editorials on June 4, 2009 10:55 AM