06/13/09 — A little advice: Class of 2009 gets ready for next bit of their lives

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A little advice: Class of 2009 gets ready for next bit of their lives

The tassels are turned and the diplomas are in hand -- at last.
After more than a decade of schooling, the members of Wayne County's Class of 2009 are ready to close the book on their stint in public education.
Some of the newly minted graduates will head right out into the career world, while others will seek additional education or training. And no matter which path they choose, this group of seniors has reason to be proud of the mark they have left on their schools and their communities. Taking home a diploma is a significant achievement.
And just like always, and for more than a few decades, there will be plenty of adults ready, willing and able to offer their perspective on life and success to the newest crop of young adults.
So, here's a little more of that advice:
Dear Graduates:
You are about to enter a whole new world -- and beware, the road will not always be easy. You will make mistakes, just like those who have come before you, and make decisions you wish, later, you could alter a bit.
And there will be plenty of times when you will feel caught between the adult world you are about to enter, but are not sure you want to, and the childhood you have always been so determined to abandon, but are not sure, now, you want to leave.
That's normal. We have all been there -- even if we adults seem so sure of ourselves now. You will review your choices and your paths throughout your adult life -- it is part of the joys of being on your own.
Enjoy your 20s and college or whichever path you choose. This is the time when you are supposed to decide who you want to be and where you want to end up when you are a full-fledged adult.
Now, the hard part. Be careful.
Don't ever forget that you are building your future, right now. The choices you make will impact you forever, so think before you waste a minute on pursuits you know will not advance that future.
The world is not an easy place to be. A college degree alone will not guarantee you a job and a livable wage. You will have to earn that -- and anything else you hope to have along the way. If you want a chance, you have to prove to an employer you are ready for the responsibility that chance entails. Practice that along with the having fun part.
And, last but not least, your parents are right. Hold tight to the values they taught you. You won't go wrong if you do. If you are doing something that you would not do if your mom or dad was sitting right next to you, stop.
We know you are anxious to explore, to chart your own course, but always remember, this is your home. Come back once in a while.
Congratulations Class of 2009. You have earned your wings  -- and your community is proud of you.

Published in Editorials on June 13, 2009 11:31 PM