06/27/09 — Hope presses on: In trying times, Relay exceeds expectations

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Hope presses on: In trying times, Relay exceeds expectations

Who would have believed it was possible?

... In this economy.

... With so many people so concerned about their jobs and their futures.

But even facing so many obstacles and so many reasons to curl up in a ball and think, "well maybe not this year," the Wayne County Relay for Life army of volunteers has helped make a miracle happen again.

The organization has reported its final number -- $634,201.38 -- nearly $135,000 more than the initial estimates and only a little bit less than what was raised last year.

And that is incredible.

But lest you think that this committee of volunteers has some kind of special powers, or that there really isn't any economic problem in Wayne County, here's the secret to the years of incredible support from this county for the battle against cancer.


Every time you buy a bow, share an apple jack at the Relay or participate in any of the hundreds of fundraisers that occur every year for the Wayne County effort, you are helping bring the dream of finding a cure for cancer closer to a reality.

Without the generosity of the loyal event sponsors and the amazing community support, there would be no Relay for Life and no check to send to the American Cancer Society each year.

You and your families made that happen.

The money is not all this community takes away from the Relay. There are stories of hope, courage and love, as well as the knowledge for every survivor and every patient that he or she is not alone.

And you cannot measure the impact that support and the knowledge that there are so many who care so much can do for the spirits of a person who is battling this dread disease.

Who knows what the future will bring. Perhaps this latest $634,201.38 will be the money that funds the research that makes cancer a worry of the past.

But even if the cure is not quite around the corner, the truth is that there are fewer people battling the disease than there were just a few years ago -- and more of them surviving.

That is because of community efforts like ours.

So, bravo Wayne County. You proved the pundits wrong again. Even with your own concerns and your own worries to contend with, you dug deep and shared your wealth with those who have a much tougher fight ahead and the families who love and care for them.

It might have seemed like a small thing, braving the rain for this year's Relay. But the reality is that it is small efforts just like this that build into unstoppable community success stories.

You are an example of what it means to care.


Published in Editorials on June 27, 2009 11:32 PM