07/02/09 — Whom they fly for: Americans should not forget the men on the ground

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Whom they fly for: Americans should not forget the men on the ground

Thanks to thousands of Marines on the ground in Afghanistan, the effort to keep America and the world safer has just taken another step forward.

Operation "Strike of the Sword" is a massive effort to push the Taliban out of Afghanistan and to further stabilize that country.

You might think the action does not really touch us here in Wayne County other than the general idea of protecting the freedom of this nation and the world.

But we have a connection -- a reminder from some of our own from Seymour Johnson Air Force Base just how much these Marines' sacrifices matter -- as do those of every other soldier who picks up a weapon.

The men and women who man the jets for the 336th Fighter Squadron at Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan fly with a mission in mind -- protecting those young soldiers who are fighting it out on the ground every day and risking their lives for freedom.

That's a big part of what those airmen do each day -- making sure that as many soldiers as possible are able to make it back home.

The sign stands by their door at the base just to make sure they never forget whom they are flying for -- in addition to their country.

We should remember, too.

When you talk about foreign policy and military decision-making, it is easy to forget about those who will be handling the day-to-day danger that is required to win a war.

Thousands of young men and women took a step forward today as this nation continues its quest to put peace back into the Middle East and governments back in the hands of the people whom they belong to and out of the hands of terrorists.

Hopefully, soon, their efforts will pay off and we will be able to thank them, in person.

Published in Editorials on July 2, 2009 11:17 AM