07/13/09 — Heroes among us: Just look around

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Heroes among us: Just look around

You probably saw the letter this past Sunday from Lt. C.J. Weaver of the Mount Olive Fire Department.

In it, the lieutenant talked about some of the MOFD firefighters and other local rescue personnel -- and the extra effort they put into saving lives that day.

The crew who answered that call saved a man and his son -- but also had enough compassion to save a mother dog and puppy who had also been hurt in the fire.

The young man had run back into the house to try to save his dogs when he was overcome and had to be rescued himself.

The firefighters and rescue workers decided they were not going to lose anyone that day.

The extra effort that these professionals put into this rescue might not seem like that big a deal to some -- after all, they were only pets.

But to this family, it likely meant the world -- a bright spot in a day when a home was damaged by fire.

The truth is that there are many heroes just like this in not only Mount Olive, but in local and volunteer fire departments all over the county.

They dedicate their lives to saving others -- and they are role models to be admired, just as Lt. Weaver said.

How sad that we often forget that there are so many people who give so much to their communities -- unnoticed and unheralded.

We should spend more time thanking those who risk their lives for us every day -- and perhaps a little less time worrying about the real story behind Michael Jackson's death or what Lindsay Lohan has been up to this week.

So here is the thank you not just to the MOFD firefighters and rescue personnel, but to everyone who wears a uniform to protect his or her community.

We might not say it as often as we should, but we do appreciate your sacrifice, hard work and compassion.

Published in Editorials on July 13, 2009 10:59 AM