07/17/09 — I-795 repeat? Quick approvals and inadequate checks make work expensive

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I-795 repeat? Quick approvals and inadequate checks make work expensive

There is a danger looming as more and more people start wondering whether or not the stimulus spending touted as the salvation for the nation's jobless concerns is really working.

And that anxiousness will get even more acute as legislators and others start pushing for more money, more projects and more attention for their states.

What could happen in the rush to get the contracts awarded and the money spent is the exact opposite of what this country needs.

Quick approvals, inside tracks and poor management of who will do the work could result in the exact same situation North Carolina is currently struggling with because of poor project management -- having to do the work over again.

The I-795 fiasco is not the only problem with paving that has cost the state big in the last few years. The mess on I-40 caused trouble for officials and motorists alike for a number of months.

And again, the taxpayers paid.

Politicians are all about letting constituents know that they are bringing home the bacon for their districts.

So, there is going to be a lot of scrambling to make sure this state does not miss out on any of the project money available.

What we have to watch for -- and insist on -- is intelligent management of the money -- and strict controls on those hired to do the work.

There is no room for political payback here.

We cannot afford it.

Published in Editorials on July 17, 2009 11:07 AM