07/21/09 — Touchy? Sure. Questions need to be asked now about health care reform

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Touchy? Sure. Questions need to be asked now about health care reform

It is not surprising that President Barack Obama and the supporters of his blindingly glitzy and expensive health care reform package would be a little on the touchy side.

After all, all the talk about how much this plan would cost, who would pay for it and what kind of limits it would put on patient choice of doctors and hospitals would make anyone uncomfortable.

The questions are being raised for good reason.

It is very easy to send out a call for health care reform. The stories of the families who either do not have adequate care or who have been bankrupted by unreasonable medical bills are heartbreaking and really do make most people think that something needs to be done -- and soon.

So, the would-be reformers have thrown together a package "to get something done."

They say it is not because of politics, but many people are not so sure.

The idea of addressing health care issues is a good one -- as is the plan to look very carefully at costs and availability of insurance for American families.

There is no doubt that there are many flaws in the current system that need to be addressed, but cost-effectively and without damaging the quality of care most Americans are currently enjoying.

And President Obama is right about one thing -- allow Congress to bicker about something without limits and you will get a whole lot of talking and very, very little doing.

But the proposed health care reform package is nothing more than a ridiculously expensive, thrown-together stab at the problem.

Spending that kind of money is simply not reasonable -- and some of the limits proposed would do serious damage not only to availability, but to quality of care.

And that is not what this country needs -- an expensive plan that does not really do anything except damage the level of coverage we already receive.

So while President Obama might want to get the health care reform through quickly -- anyone in this country who works for a living ought to keep an eye out.

We just might be getting another lemon of a government program that is not going to do anything but cost us more money.

Published in Editorials on July 21, 2009 10:40 AM