07/24/09 — Here we go again: Maybe state should give up on budget for 2009 and try for 2011

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Here we go again: Maybe state should give up on budget for 2009 and try for 2011

You would think there would be a lot to say about the latest news that the North Carolina General Assembly has hit another roadblock in the continuing soap opera that is the budget.

But the words of Gov. Bev Perdue -- who decided last night that she could not support the budget in its current form -- speak for themselves.

The formal words are too infuriating to repeat in their entirety. Suffice it to say that the governor is shocked that taxes might be increased on middle class and low income North Carolinians to pay for the more than $1 billion she has asked for or the $982 million she has settled for.

The surprise in her comments is simply -- where does she think all these millionaires and rich people are in North Carolina who can afford to pay for these taxes? This economy has turned many of them into the middle class.

And why did she not speak up earlier, since she is the alleged head of the party directing the budget negotiations?

So, as the governor takes a stand against the plan she forced the last time she decided she could not support the direction the General Assembly was headed, the state budget process is back to square one.

Frustrating, isn't it?

Who knows what is going to happen this weekend -- if anybody decides there is a need to fast track this process.

In the meantime, we can just smile and shake our heads -- and wonder why someone in Raleigh is not sharing a basic piece of economics with the governor -- money does not just materialize out of thin air.

Published in Editorials on July 24, 2009 10:37 AM