07/27/09 — Days off can wait: Legislature needs to stay at work until budget is completed

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Days off can wait: Legislature needs to stay at work until budget is completed

If you had a project that was due -- past due, really -- would your boss allow you to take the next day off?
In fact, how long would you keep your job if, as the director of a project, you had to keep asking for extension after extension?
Perhaps someone needs to communicate those answers to Gov. Bev Perdue and her comrades in the legislature.
The lawmakers were off today -- right after hearing from the governor that the agreement they were close to completing to get a 2009-10 budget for the state of North Carolina was not acceptable.
No, they did not buckle down and get back to work. No, they did not insist on a firm deadline for accomplishing the task.
They took the weekend -- and Monday -- off.
Seems like there are still a few people who do not get how important this decision is to millions of North Carolinians.
And it is shocking just how much of a leadership vacuum exists in Raleigh.
We have already discussed how we feel about the governor's last-minute bombshell rejecting the near-agreement budget. If she thinks that's leadership, then we had better be thinking about encouraging another governor to leave office early.
But just in case she thinks the blame for this fiasco is now on the legislature, we should fill her in. She is in charge. An employer would see this as failure to achieve objectives in a timely manner.
The General Assembly needs to get back to work and stay at work until there is a budget -- with or without the governor's help.

Published in Editorials on July 27, 2009 2:51 PM