08/17/09 — Caring, multiplied: Community's effort for Lisa Mozingo astonishing

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Caring, multiplied: Community's effort for Lisa Mozingo astonishing

Tired of listening to politicians bickering?

Take a break, then, and enjoy some good news from the southern end of the county.

Thanks to the generosity of residents from around the area, Lisa Mozingo's family will have $50,000-plus to help the teenager as she battles back from injuries she sustained in a car accident earlier this year.

From cakes to homemade quilts, supporters turned out at fundraisers around the area to overpay -- sometimes by hundreds of dollars -- just to make sure Lisa could realize her dream of getting healthy enough to go to college.

Quilts brought in $1,000 each, while one cake even sold for $500. And that does not even include the hundreds of people who turned out for the barbecue suppers. Donations poured in from all over.

There is no way that hearing the news of so much support from her community could not have made this already pretty brave and determined young lady even more set on achieving her goal.

And that, if nothing else, should remind you of just what a great place this community is. It is hard to be depressed about anything that is going on in this county when you hear about such an overwhelming expression of generosity.

Perhaps the American spirit really is alive and well.

All those involved with the benefits for Lisa should be proud of what they have done -- not just the money raised, but the hope and support they rallied for a family who has already been through so much.

Now, it is up to Lisa to achieve her dream -- it is obvious that her community believes she can.

Published in Editorials on August 17, 2009 11:05 AM