08/19/09 — Drugs a concern: Morning meth raid might be tip of iceberg of a problem

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Drugs a concern: Morning meth raid might be tip of iceberg of a problem

It was only 30 people -- and that might not seem like a large number when you are talking about drugs, raids and methamphetamine.

But what should make every resident of Wayne County pause today as they learn about this latest roundup is that it is literally just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to drugs and their sale and distribution.

There simply are not enough police officers and sheriff's deputies in this county -- or in any county, really -- to battle and control the drug trade and those who are distributing these poisons to our children.

And that is the reason it is time to pay attention.

Anyone who believes that drugs are not still a problem in local high schools is forgetting that drugs have always been a problem in local high schools. It does not matter whether the school is rich or poor -- the danger is there. The risk is just more prevalent in some than in others.

Telling children not to use drugs is not enough. We have to work hard to remove the possibility and to jail those who prey on young people around our county.

Actions like this morning's raid are ongoing -- as are other operations around the county to catch those who deal and who use drugs.

But a crackdown would be more effective if more people would get involved -- and if they would report suspicious activity to officers as soon as they see it.

By catching dealers, we reduce the risk that our children are going to be exposed to these dangerous substances -- and perhaps set some young people's lives right while there is still time.

The war on drugs is a critical one -- and one that must rely not just on officers, but on the community.

Published in Editorials on August 19, 2009 10:55 AM