08/20/09 — Back to school: Parents, community do play a role

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Back to school: Parents, community do play a role

For the last two days, Wayne County students have been visiting their soon-to-be classrooms, waiting for the chance to start another school year.

The turnout has been brisk so far for the open houses, with many parents making the journey with their children to see just what they will be doing when they head back to class next week.

And that is a good sign.

The more interested parents are in education and schoolwork, the more interested and concerned about success their children will be as well.

Parental involvement is one of the most critical factors in school success.

Interest is always high at the beginning of the school year, when school is new and enthusiasm is abundant.

Later, when the going is not so exciting, that is when parents can help teachers and administrators -- and ultimately, their children.

By not letting up on what we expect and pushing children to do more reading, more homework and more studying, we are setting them on a course for success -- and that means better futures for them and our county.

But what about the children who have parents who do not care about their education? What about those who do not see the importance of good grades or even a high school diploma?

That is where community volunteers come in.

A couple hours a week can make a difference to a child who might have unrealized potential just waiting to be unleashed.

A new school year gives us all a chance to think about possibilities -- and how we can help turn them into realities.

Published in Editorials on August 20, 2009 11:28 AM