08/21/09 — Chance to speak: Weekend gathering is first step in talking about health care

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Chance to speak: Weekend gathering is first step in talking about health care

Local businessman Frank Drohan wants you to have a chance to see it for yourself -- just like he has.

That's why he printed all 1,018 pages of the Obama administration's proposed changes to health care in the United States.

And this Saturday, he will offer Wayne County residents the opportunity to read parts of the bill during a rally of sorts for those who have their concerns about the president's plan.

He is also asking citizens who feel strongly about the measure to step out and tell their leaders what they think about the plan.

He is certain that when you see it, you might have the information you need to understand why this is such an important decision.

This Saturday's rally is not going to take long, but it will give residents who feel strongly one way or the other the chance to get together to actually see the bill for themselves.

They might not change their minds about the measure, but at least they will have the opportunity to view the actual words themselves -- something not many of us are sure some of those who will vote on this important legislation have done.

The health care debate is far from over. There are many more bridges to cross before there is a final reform of anything.

And, so far, those who have spoken out against the measure have ignored the insults and the accusations that have accompanied their efforts and made their voices heard.

And it appears many legislators are more than a little afraid not to listen.

Saturday is just another one of those chances.

Published in Editorials on August 21, 2009 11:14 AM