08/30/09 — Anyone out there? OK Eastern N.C. legislators, where's our health care forum?

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Anyone out there? OK Eastern N.C. legislators, where's our health care forum?

There is a new entry on the national endangered species list -- at least as far as North Carolina goes.

The public forums to answer the constituents' concerns about health care.

Really, now, think about it. It did not take long for the announcements of such events to dry up like the Mohave Desert. All it took was for a few highly publicized confrontations between concerned citizens and their loyal representatives to make it easier to find a ticket to a Miley Cyrus concert than a spot to talk to a member of the U.S. House or Senate about health care.

And the great people of Eastern North Carolina should not stand for it -- not from our representatives. This is not a region that is apathetic, easily swayed or uninformed.

There are too many people who have real concerns about what reform will mean to them -- and who are not willing to sit quietly and wait for decisions to be made without them.

But getting the opportunity to ask will take more than simply waiting patiently for such a forum to be scheduled. You can bet that one won't be happening anytime soon.

Residents of Wayne County and beyond should ask to talk to all of those who claim to be the voice of this region and to represent the interests of this state in Washington.

They should demand to hear not only the opinions of the men and women who represent them, but insist that those representatives listen to what they have to say.

And those who are from this region, who have no ties to any national movement, who support the health care reform initiative should have their chance, too.

This is the kind of dialogue that is necessary and expected when you live in a democracy.

So how about it? Who is brave enough to truly be a representative or senator who really listens to the people and cares about their concerns?

Published in Editorials on August 30, 2009 12:32 AM