08/31/09 — Off to war: Another squadron needs support for its families back home

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Off to war: Another squadron needs support for its families back home

It could not have been easy for the 335th Fighter Squadron to look at the faces of their husbands, wives and children and to get on a plane to head to Afghanistan.

But yet, the men and women who boarded that flight were anxious to get going, too. They had work to do in the desert. It was their turn to take over the work continued by the 336th Rockets -- and to let them come home to see their families.

All they asked of us -- their community -- is to keep an eye on their families while they are gone. They already know, they said, that there are thousands of Wayne County residents who not only support the work they do, but who appreciate and respect the freedom they provide and the flag they protect.

But if they knew that their families had neighbors, friends and others to count on while they are gone, the Chiefs said, they would rest a little easier as they do their jobs overseas.

So, now comes the easy part for us.

There is no way to know, officially, whose husband or wife is overseas. There is no T-shirt, or secret sign to look for.

But if your neighbor or someone you know is a member of one of those families, the community is counting on you to help out all you can -- or to let someone else know what the rest of us can do.

The extra effort might be a trip to the grocery store, a lawn mowing or simply a free afternoon of babysitting for a weary mom or dad. And if all else fails, what family would not love a free, homecooked meal or a yummy extra dessert.

Taking care of the families who are left behind is not a difficult task -- not in comparison to the work that is being accomplished overseas.

So the Chiefs can rest assured, their community is ready to step up to the plate.

All their families have to do is let us know what they need.

After all, that is what neighbors are for.

Published in Editorials on August 31, 2009 10:32 AM