09/08/09 — Welcome home: Rockets should know just how much they are supported here

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Welcome home: Rockets should know just how much they are supported here

They arrived home in the early, early morning to the waiting arms and robust cheers of family and friends.

The 336th Rocketeers are back from their mission and home from the desert.

And their community is glad to see them.

They would probably want us to remember that there are others still in Afghanistan with other branches of service -- and a whole new crew from Seymour Johnson Air Force Base carrying on the work the Rockets did so well while they were serving overseas.

They would want us to think about those men and women, too -- far away from their families and putting themselves in danger in the name of freedom.

They would want us to think about those on the ground and those in the air -- anyone who serves under the flag of the United States of America.

And they can rest assured that this community will never, ever forget those who serve and those who did not make it back home -- no matter from where they hail or what patch they wear on their sleeve.

But since they are back, the Rocketeers should know that their community is proud of them -- from the maintainers and pilots all the way up to the commander.

We know this was not an easy tour -- and that there are mixed emotions with this homecoming. We know you are returning without two of your comrades in arms -- and that part of the reason you continued to work so hard and to get the job done so well was to honor their memory and their service. Rest assured, you did them proud.

We promise you that we will make sure both men are not forgotten.

So to you and your families who served along with you all those months -- welcome home and thank you. You are appreciated more than you know, and we are proud to call you part of our community.

Published in Editorials on September 8, 2009 10:30 AM