09/25/09 — Shoot messenger: ACORN's solution to concerns is to attack those who found them

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Shoot messenger: ACORN's solution to concerns is to attack those who found them

That's right. You heard it right.

The powers that be at ACORN, the agency recently under fire for the tax advice given to an undercover film crew, has decided that the best way to handle this scandal is not to figure out what went wrong.

They are suing the film crew who got the footage and the journalist who released it.

Keep in mind now, they are not claiming that the footage was false or that their employees were coerced -- although they have made statements that the visits constituted entrapment.

They are simply challenging a wiretap law that prevents conversations from being recorded without the other person's knowledge.

Now doesn't that fill you with confidence -- and want to fill out another taxpayer-funded check to the organization?

Over the next few weeks, the bureaucratic machine that has become ACORN will be working hard to stay in Congress' good favor. Of course, there are millions and millions of dollars at stake.

But if you ever wanted a test to see if your representative is really out to protect your money and the integrity of those who represent your government, pay attention to how he or she votes on the ACORN issues -- and what he or she says in public.

This organization is nothing but a disgrace -- a sham that is merely a political football. Any other organization facing this kind of scandal would be defunct.

If another dime goes to fund it, we know for sure that this is not about protecting citizens, it is about preserving influence. And those who cast votes for that purpose do not belong in Congress.

Published in Editorials on September 25, 2009 10:48 AM