10/13/09 — Smoke? Then fire. Spin or not, health care plans will still cost Americans billions

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Smoke? Then fire. Spin or not, health care plans will still cost Americans billions

Let's tell the truth, now. When has the government ever gotten involved in anything that did not cost you more money?

And, when has the government ever managed anything that did not A. cost way more than projected and B. run inefficiently with corruption, mismanagement and other nightmares?

So the fact that the first step toward health care reform was expected to take place today in the Senate Finance Committee should put everyone who is leery of this latest government boondoggle on high alert.

The bill proposed by Sen. Max Baucus has its strong points -- it eliminates some roadblocks and does not include a public option. But in the end it is projected to cost more than $850 billion, is not guaranteed not to cause some citizens' premiums to go up and could result in some less-than-desirable consequences when it comes to patient choice.

There is still a consensus that we need health care reform in this country -- that there are some problems we need to address.

So the fact that we are talking about it is a positive. And, we need to keep talking about it.

But there is still this underlying feeling that this great rush to a vote is nothing but a partisan attempt to get health care reform of some sort in place prior to mid-term elections.

When you are projected to lose some pretty big races, you get kind of anxious.

Americans should be wary of anything that is being shoved down their throats.

Health care reform can and should come -- and can come sooner rather than later. All we have to do is remain determined to create a bill that not only addresses the key concerns when it comes to care and choice, but also is one lawmakers have read.

Published in Editorials on October 13, 2009 10:07 AM