10/15/09 — Clean up NFL: Furor over Rush Limbaugh seems a little hypocritical

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Clean up NFL: Furor over Rush Limbaugh seems a little hypocritical

You might not agree with a single thing radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh has to say. You might even think that he is someone who should not be allowed to be on the airwaves.

But all of that has no bearing on whether or not he can or should be a partial owner of the St. Louis Rams.

Why is this even worth commentary? Simple. It is downright hysterical that NFL players have expressed their "concern" over Limbaugh's possible bid for the team.

Yes, you heard that right -- the members of the same organization that has become a haven for thugs, criminals, out-of-control egos, abusers, loud mouths and philanderers is worried that Limbaugh might tarnish the reputation of the NFL.

When you see it put like that, some comment about a quarterback's lack of prowess on the field seems a little tame doesn't it?

Limbaugh is controversial, yes, but those who are battling his bid are using lies and misquotes to defend their case. Unfortunately for them, what they think really does not matter.

The truth is that before the NFL worries about Limbaugh, and before another overpaid, overrated player chimes in with another bit of wisdom about who should own a team, the league ought to be thinking about what really has damaged the reputation of a league that used to be a place where parents could find role models for their children.

They should start with some of the players they hire.

If they really do care about the future of the NFL, league officials will start making changes in how they do business.

In the meantime, Limbaugh is likely to continue his bid -- as he should if he has the money to do so.

And the Rams should be glad -- at least someone is fighting over them.

Published in Editorials on October 15, 2009 10:57 AM