11/09/09 — H1N1 concern: So it isn't going so well elsewhere; here, calm prevails

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H1N1 concern: So it isn't going so well elsewhere; here, calm prevails

The fact that the H1N1 vaccine distribution process has been a little less than successful suggests that perhaps simply announcing that a prevention program is a priority is not enough.

Local health departments all over the country have been dealing with not only uncertainty, but worried residents who are trying to get the vaccine.

The vaccine creation process has been a lot slower than anticipated, and that has created sporadic distribution around the country.

And in some communities, the vaccine that has come in has been distributed poorly, according to rules set for the seasonal flu prevention efforts.

Wayne County has been lucky. Although there are several places where there have been mini-outbreaks of the new strain of flu, there has not been a death here.

There are many other communities that have not been so lucky.

The advice that health care professionals give is simple -- be smart and practice prevention first. Wash your hands, cover your mouth and stay away from people who might have the illness.

That advice, along with a sensible approach to the scare that seems to have spread across the country, have created Wayne County residents who are getting the vaccine when they can and not becoming overly concerned about the danger.

The H1N1 infections have taken many health professionals by surprise -- and the vaccine production simply cannot keep up.

So long lines likely will remain a constant as the flu season wears on.

All we have to do is remember to stay calm and smart.

Published in Editorials on November 9, 2009 10:37 AM