11/10/09 — Heroes all: Stories of Fort Hood selflessness show reason for Army pride

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Heroes all: Stories of Fort Hood selflessness show reason for Army pride

Forget Maj. Nidal Hasan and who knew what when for the moment. There will be plenty of time to determine what went wrong at Fort Hood in the coming weeks.

Instead, focus on what we learned about the U.S. Army -- and the men and women who are currently serving our country -- on the day when a coward opened fire on a room full of soldiers and staff.

There are too many stories of heroism -- of men and women who were already injured who made their way back into the center -- to count. And that is in addition to those who saved many lives simply by making sure that as many people as possible found their way out the door as the shooting began.

There is no question that the soldiers at Fort Hood showed that they are not only brave, but that they understood the mission that they are sworn to uphold -- to care for this country and its citizenry at home and abroad.

There are tragic stories, too -- young people who lost their lives as they prepared to deploy to a war zone, and a couple who were getting ready to go home, too.

There will never be a way to erase the pain from the lives of the families who will now, so close to the holidays, mourn such a tremendous loss.

And this nation should not forget the 13 people whose lives were lost so tragically, either.

But the Fort Hood story should remind us also of the strength of the American military -- and the quality of the people who carry out its mission every day.

So as we wait to see what happens next with the shooter, we should feel safe in knowing that the soldiers at Fort Hood, and many others like them around the country, are serving their nation, with honor.

Published in Editorials on November 10, 2009 11:22 AM