11/28/09 — Local, local, local: It makes sense, really. If they succeed, so do we.

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Local, local, local: It makes sense, really. If they succeed, so do we.

It's a microcosm, really, for what we are seeing in the national economy.

If you want to keep more people working, you have to make it possible for businesses to hire more people.

That means, you have to help them increase their "take" and to have less money eaten up in taxes, mandates and insurance costs.

Sounds a little too capitalistic for you?

Keep in mind, private sector jobs grow this economy. The more of them that are available, the more people who are working and paying taxes, instead of living off a government program.

And it is healthier, too. While there might be some bad apples, the reality is that most companies want to do right by their employees -- especially small businesses. They try to offer fair wages, good benefits and to keep as many employees as there is work available for them. And people want to work, to bring home paychecks to support their families, not simply to accept a government handout.

So, you might ask, why the economics lesson on this Black Friday weekend? Why does this matter here, now?

Over the next few weeks, Wayne County shoppers will be making their lists and checking them twice as they prepare for Christmas.

And as they do, they should look close to home whenever they can to find those holiday gifts.

It is simple really -- businesses succeed here, they employ more people who buy more at other businesses, increasing those bottom lines so that they can hire more people and boom, we have a thriving local economy.

Now, this is not to say that if a local store cannot offer a fair price and good service, that you shouldn't go elsewhere. Local merchants have an obligation, too, not to take advantage of local shoppers.

But if you can find a gift on your list right here, you will be helping bring Wayne County one step closer to economic success.

And there is another benefit, too. When chains see the success other businesses have had here -- and that local residents support the stores in the area -- they are more likely to consider investing here. That means more shopping, dining and entertainment choices closer to home.

And if all that is not enough to make you shop local first, consider this.

When it comes time to ask for support for your son's Little League team or your daughter's school fundraiser, the first places we go are to our local business owners. They are always among the first to lead the way when it comes to supporting their communities.

And that is a loyalty and commitment that should be rewarded, now, when it really counts.

Published in Editorials on November 28, 2009 10:47 PM