12/04/09 — The right reason: Dealership's gift example of businesses helping community

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The right reason: Dealership's gift example of businesses helping community

Frema Motors did not donate a car to be given away as part of the United Way's Fair Share Challenge this year simply because the owners and employees might get their pictures in the newspaper.

And Thursday night, when the giveaway finally happened and one lucky winner took home a new Volkswagen, it was about her -- not about the owners patting themselves on the back.

That is because Frema Motors realizes something that many people forget during the hustle and bustle of their daily lives -- doing business in a community is, in part, about supporting that community.

The dealership has long been active in charitable interests in Wayne County and is almost always one of the top donors and one of the first businesses to get involved when there is a need.

This year's United Way campaign was no exception.

Frema Motors is just one example of the many fine businesses in this community that understand that they have a responsibility to not only succeed in business, but also to take care of the community that supports them.

That is the kind of loyalty that should be rewarded.

There are many places you can go this year to fill your Christmas wish list. Consider that perhaps one of the best places to put your dollars is where the owners and employees care about their community's future.

Thanks to Frema Motors, one United Way donor has a brand new car. But the dealership also reminded its community just what "giving back" really means, and challenged all of us to share our good fortune with others in need.

And that could be the best gift of all -- perspective.

Published in Editorials on December 4, 2009 11:04 AM