12/16/09 — Sad reminder: If you don't support local stores, they will likely go away

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Sad reminder: If you don't support local stores, they will likely go away

Sportsman's World's story is not unique.

In an economy where just doing business is a challenge, the obstacles small business owners face with regard to taxes, regulation and other hits to their bottom line can easily turn a profitable enterprise into one that can no longer survive.

So, that's why local residents who want to continue to have the option of choosing locally run stores for shopping -- and who want to continue to have local businesses that are community-focused around to support schools and other organizations -- need to think about sending more business their way.

Sportsman's World has supported this community for 36 years. And while some of its news is good, only the retail portion will be closing, the loss of such a landmark is a sad day.

A decision to shop local first is not meant to encourage shoppers to support businesses that overcharge, underserve and do not have the stock to be competitive.

It is to reward local interests like Sportsman's World that have offered quality products, good service and who have made it a policy to give back to the community.

A lot goes into a decision to close a store, and there probably were more than a few factors that influenced this one. The store's owners have said the decision was not easy and that they appreciate their 36-year relationship with the community.

But it is a wake-up call to this community and those who want to do business here. The economy can claim any business, no matter how long-lived.

If we want to make sure that our favorite local shops are around for a long time, we have to make the conscious decision to support them.

Published in Editorials on December 16, 2009 10:06 AM