01/05/10 — Good attitude: Promise of a new year a good start for the next round of solving problems

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Good attitude: Promise of a new year a good start for the next round of solving problems

Americans are, by nature, an optimistic lot, so, even though most of the nation is covered in snow and ice, and there are more and more signs that there might be more than a few challenges ahead, we are ready to tackle 2010 with gusto.

And that is the right attitude -- really.

There are problems at the local, state and federal levels -- and there always will be. But the bottom line is that in this country, we the people ultimately control what happens next.

So, if we don't like the health care reform, we can change it -- and if we don't think our current leaders are doing a good enough job, we can pitch them out.

And most importantly, we do not have to worry about being shot if we decide one day to march on Washington to have our say -- unlike those who live in Iran for example.

This is a free nation with choices, and the will and history of making sure that fierce independence is protected at all costs.

So, even if some of us might think we have lost our way -- and others think we need to lose our way more -- in the end, we really are masters of our own destinies, the sign of a truly free nation.

So we will look ahead to 2010 with rose-colored glasses -- that is the way we Americans do it. We will make our comments about how things can be done better, and wonder if we are headed in the right direction. That also has been our way -- for generations.

This is still a nation of the free and the brave -- and one where independence, industry and honor are still prized among all other traits.

And that is why 2010 will likely be a better year -- in America, there are plenty of people to see to it.

Published in Editorials on January 5, 2010 10:40 AM