01/20/10 — No bed of roses: One battle might be over, but the problems still remain

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No bed of roses: One battle might be over, but the problems still remain

There are some who might assume that the surprising win in the Massachusetts Senate race means the Republicans can coast on in to power -- and success.

Not so fast boys (and girls). There is some responsibility that comes with that victory.

The reality is that there are still problems that need to be worked out in this country -- including health care, jobs, the economy and government spending. And simply standing on the sidelines and pointing fingers at what the Democrats are doing is not going to be enough to keep the public's trust.

Filibusters and stone-walling by any party will do nothing except further anger the voters. And if there is not significant action on something, soon, that makes sense, angry ballot-casters just might throw all the bums out.

So here is a little advice for the giddy Republicans and the chagrined, but determined, Democrats.

It is time for bold ideas, more debate and a real down-to-earth discussion of what steps are next for this country and its future.

Put the debate on C-SPAN and let the country see -- just like you promised -- who is presenting ideas and who is playing politics.

Believe us when we say that if you do not listen to us, we will start looking for your replacement. You do not know better than the majority of Americans. Your job is to take what you know and what we have to say and come up with policies that serve us and the ideals we elected you to represent.

And when you say bipartisan, mean it. We have learned that no one party has the magic key to fixing the concerns this country faces. And it is time you all learned that, too. We won't accept people who throw darts without ideas of their own or those who play politics with our futures.

Do all that and we will think about trusting you again. But until then, rest assured, this time, we will be watching -- ballots ready.

Published in Editorials on January 20, 2010 11:31 AM