01/21/10 — Who cares: John Edwards' admission looks like nothing more than a stunt

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Who cares: John Edwards' admission looks like nothing more than a stunt

First off, let's start out with one basic premise: None of us really care a wit about John Edwards and his sorrowful admission that he fathered a child with his mistress.

True remorse and honorable acknowledgement of a child's parentage -- which is defined as taking responsibility for the child you created and making sure he or she does not suffer for your stupid mistake -- comes immediately after you are outed, not after you spend more than a year lying.

Edwards' statement this week is being cast in the light that he wants to do right by the little girl he sired with his former videographer while his wife was battling cancer.


Aside from the obvious need to remake a reputation that is in shambles, Edwards has other aspirations. Who knows -- some of them might even include returning to politics. And we all know what you have to do when you are considering getting back into the public eye -- you have to mea culpa in public.

If Edwards had had any class, he would have spilled the whole business months ago -- before he had forced his wife to look like a fool defending him, before paparazzi had to chase the mother of his love child through the streets, before he had to be forced to not only acknowledge his affair, but the baby it produced.

Coming out now is yet another selfish ploy for a publicity hog who has been out of the limelight too long.

The part of the Edwards story that is particularly sad is that there were literally thousands of young people who were driven to community service and politics because of his speeches and persona.

How sad it must have been for them to learn he was nothing but a cheat.

Edwards is not likely to ever earn back the admiration he used to generate.

And, quite frankly, he doesn't deserve to.

Published in Editorials on January 21, 2010 10:45 AM