01/27/10 — Never forget: Community members took time to honor a hero's sacrifice

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Never forget: Community members took time to honor a hero's sacrifice

There weren't many people who lined the street to honor a young man who lost his life in defense of his country this week, but that doesn't mean that the significance of the procession was lost on this military town.

Those who did wave flags, salute and otherwise recognize the passing of Tech Sgt. Adam Ginett paid tribute to a 29-year-old whose life ended with the explosion of an IED in Afghanistan -- and recognized that there are heroes who come home every day to grieving families from the war in the Middle East.

And this year, that is a sadness this community knows all too well.

The process that helped guide Ginett home -- and acknowledged his sacrifice -- was moving beyond words. The hearse, the flags, the salutes -- they were all a chance for all of us to remember that there are risks when we send our troops overseas and that not every welcome home is a happy one.

It was our honor to be a part of this hero's journey home -- and to support the family who will now have to live without him.

And that is the legacy and duty of a military town -- to make sure those who give their lives and those who continue to serve are never, ever forgotten and that the mission they started will continue.

So we honored a young man who died before he really had a chance to live by saluting the flag he swore to protect -- and by vowing to remember always the true cost of war.

That is our duty.

Published in Editorials on January 27, 2010 10:51 AM