02/04/10 — Standing ovation: Students prove courage can come in small packages

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Standing ovation: Students prove courage can come in small packages

You have read their stories already -- the six students honored by Wayne County Schools counselors for their determination and success in the face of obstacles that would have stopped adults in their tracks.

Their teachers told of incredible attitudes, no complaints and a desire to do the best they could with the hands they were dealt.

So much courage in so many so young.

How many adults can say they have lived their lives with that kind of honor and strength?

There is no question that these students -- Ethan Shingleton, Cierra Garner, Dillon Green, Abigail Keen, Harley Yelverton and Carolynn Jackson -- are worthy of the recognition they have received.

But what is also true is that they are an inspiration to their fellow students and an example for the adults who work with them every day -- and the rest of us, too.

How often do we let little setbacks cripple our progress -- or do we let complaining and criticism occupy time we could be spending productively somewhere else?

There are not too many people who could honestly answer that question -- never.

These young people have had tough lives so far, yet they have not let those challenges stop them in their pursuit of becoming the best people they can be.

They could teach a lot of people about not only priorities, but how to live a life with class and power.

Published in Editorials on February 4, 2010 10:46 AM