02/08/10 — Go ahead, sign up: Public official hopefuls can declare their intentions today

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Go ahead, sign up: Public official hopefuls can declare their intentions today

There is something noble about placing your name in the hat to run for public office -- an implied selflessness and concern for your fellow man.

The problem is, in many cases over the past few years, the exact opposite has been true.

Public office has become for some a chance to line their pockets and to exploit their newfound power.

So as the filing season opens today, those who want to serve Wayne County and state residents should go ahead and place their name on the ballot.

But they should also know the new rules.

We are not the same electorate that we were a couple of years ago.

We mean it when we say that if you want to represent us -- anywhere -- you had better have some ideas and be prepared to present and defend them.

And rest assured we will hold you to them.

The days of being able to ride coattails -- whatever coattails are left these days -- are over. And so is getting elected by smiling pretty and saying the right things designed to rev up a crowd.

And that last admonishment applies to everyone -- Republican and Democrat -- who wants to hold any leadership position. Hearing you spout rhetoric and lead cheering crowds will be enough to get us there to hear your speech, but not enough to get us to vote for you when push comes to shove.

We are serious about taking our country back -- and ditching anyone who thinks a pretty smile or a good speaking voice is what we want in a leader.

So come with ideas and back your criticism with proposals of your own -- or do not waste our time.

And, if say you will, but do not actually intend, to listen to what we have to say, don't get too comfortable.

We have figured out who is really in charge and won't hesitate to make a change.

Published in Editorials on February 8, 2010 10:49 AM