02/15/10 — Want vs. need: Council heard this past week about a need in the city

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Want vs. need: Council heard this past week about a need in the city

What the Goldsboro Fire Department is proposing for the construction of better facilities -- a police/fire complex -- was presented as an item on the wish list at this past week's Goldsboro City Council retreat.

No one said no to the proposal -- in fact, several of those in attendance seemed to think that it was an idea worth considering.

And they are right, it should be considered, strongly, especially if right now, construction costs are so low that we could get the work done at a reasonable cost.

Even though there are issues to consider with regard to its execution, a project like that is what citizens might consider a need. It also does not come with a "who knows" operation cost budget that scares those who have had experience with what happens when you build something with only an estimate of what it will cost to run it -- and a warning that it is "not going to make any money."

And right now, those are the types of projects many citizens and taxpayers would like to see city leaders explore.

Providing proper and up-to-date facilities for our police and fire departments is a worthwhile project -- and one many people might be more willing to support in this time of high unemployment and a shaky economy.

It seems like a better idea than taking on yet another project like the Recreation Center -- one that we might or might not be able to sustain on its own for a number of years.

It's just a thought for those who are trying to decide where best to spend the city's money -- at least right now.

Published in Editorials on February 15, 2010 10:45 AM