03/03/10 — Good news, too: There is no reason not to think about what's going right, too

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Good news, too: There is no reason not to think about what's going right, too

President Barack Obama has made an offer to the nation's high schools: Send him proof that your school is making great strides in improving performance of its students, and he just might come speak at the Class of 2010's graduation.

Pretty good offer -- especially if you think you might have the stuff to win the prize.

And there are a few Wayne County schools that could give just about any of those competitors a run for their money.

And that brings us to something that needs to be said -- even as we consider the concerns that seem to be mounting about Goldsboro High School and the county's graduation rate.

There is some good work going on in many of the schools in Wayne County.

Although the ones that get the lower scores are on the radar of most local officials and residents, there are plenty more that are earning accolades for the work that is being done there.

And we have to remember that as we continue to try to find ways to make Wayne County's schools the best they can be.

Just because there are many people in the county who have questions about the schools and want to see some changes does not mean that there is nothing that can be considered good news coming out of them -- even at Goldsboro High.

But even as the debate continues, it is critical that we look with a sharp eye at what's working, what isn't and where we need to improve.

An organization of any kind that cannot look at its strengths and weaknesses objectively is doomed to mediocrity. And that cannot be the standard to which we want our children to aspire.

Published in Editorials on March 3, 2010 10:26 AM