03/05/10 — Jobs still lost: It is time to have a strategic plan to address unemployment

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Jobs still lost: It is time to have a strategic plan to address unemployment

The health care reform train seems to be pulling into the station again -- and this time, it could stay a while.

Even though the message has been sent that there should be priorities elsewhere. Even though there is so much discord among those serving in the House and Senate that many legislators are announcing they are tired of dealing with the bickering and quitting. Even though the unemployment rate is not improving -- and benefits are being extended because so many people are still looking for work. And even though so many people have said the health care reform bill is an albatross whose wings need to be clipped.

That's right, even with all of that, we are still going to waste time talking about health care.

The time has come for more than a few people to send a message to Washington, since Washington does not seem to understand anything that has been said to this point.

Here's the bottom line: It is the economy, period.

The time has come to set aside other pursuits and to really decide that creating jobs, shoring up business investment and making a strong nation even stronger is top priority.

It is time to get off the mark and to make some decisions that really will get this economy moving again.

And that means there cannot be any other distractions.

Perhaps if enough people talk -- scream if they have to -- someone will get the message.

Published in Editorials on March 5, 2010 11:07 AM