03/08/10 — No politics? Academy Awards were oddly not political -- what's up with that?

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No politics? Academy Awards were oddly not political -- what's up with that?

If you have watched the Academy Awards in the past, you probably have rolled your eyes at least once when some Hollywood ingenue -- or not-so-ingenue -- decided to use his or her spot at the podium to make a political statement.

It was not just what they said in some cases, but that they thought there were millions of people around the world who were sitting on the edges of their seats to see what they thought about issues from war and global warming to human rights abuses in far off lands.

That was not the case this year. In fact, it seemed that while there were plenty of people with something to say, they decided to hold their peace, for once.

The speeches that were made were heartfelt and usually personal in nature. And that is how it should be. Acting in a movie -- no matter how successful it is -- does not give anyone the moral authority to become the voice for the world.

And surprise of surprises, the Academy also chose to honor someone who is the antithesis of the Hollywood spoiled brat and unbearable diva.

Sandra Bullock received the Best Actress nod for her role in the movie "The Blind Side," a touching story about a Tennessee family who took in a homeless teenager who later becomes a professional football player.

The story was controversial for some -- the family's motives were questioned. And the fact that the Tuohys were staunch Republicans did not help either.

But in the end, it was Ms. Bullock's honest portrayal of Leigh Anne Tuohy that struck a chord with so many and her touching acceptance speech tribute to her mother that reminded many of us that there are still good people in Hollywood.

Miss the politics? Not a bit. In fact, this might be the start of a new trend -- actors who get that they are still, just actors.

That's much more appealing than the alternative.

Published in Editorials on March 8, 2010 10:45 AM