03/17/10 — Twilight zone: Save money, but do so intelligently, with eye to future

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Twilight zone: Save money, but do so intelligently, with eye to future

OK, let's admit it -- there really are not that many people who are paying too close attention to what Washington is doing anymore.

For most disgusted voters, the shenanigans that are accompanying the ever-elusive health-care vote are nothing more than silly amusements occupying the Washington leadership for what most people hope is the rather short time they have left in office.

In other words, many Americans are simply waiting the leadership out until they can vote them out.

So, it was not too surprising to those who have been watching the circus -- or following it in the newspaper -- that when faced with the reality that she does not have enough votes on the surface to pass health-care reform, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi decided to try an end run.

And now, thanks to some obscure rule, she does not think she needs a majority of members of Congress to get health reform through.

And why should she? At this point, health-care reform has become less and less about what the nation wants and more and more about political victory -- well, really, snatching a victory from the jaws of defeat.

And if that is the case, the fact that there are questions, the fact that there are worries and the reality that many people simply do not believe that this is the right way to go are nothing more than the buzz of an annoying gnat. Debate? What debate?

Rep. Pelosi and her crew do not care one wit about who wants what as far as health-care reform goes -- not even those in their own party who disagree with the provisions.

So we can watch this soap opera continue to unfold and perhaps even enjoy the posturing a little.

Our time to answer will come in November.

Published in Editorials on March 17, 2010 10:56 AM