03/18/10 — You saved lives: Community stepped up to support Humane Society -- and to save dogs

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You saved lives: Community stepped up to support Humane Society -- and to save dogs

When the call came that the Wayne County Humane Society needed help to raise funds to support the efforts at the county's animal shelter, more than $2,000 was raised in one evening.

And when the community heard that there were animals in need of homes at the shelter -- they made sure more than a dozen found homes.

So today, thanks to those who shared a little of their money and a lot of love with a bunch of needy animals, there are a few less dogs suffering or homeless in Wayne County.

But even though this past weekend's effort was a success, there is still a need to do something about the unwanted pet population in this county -- and not just dogs, cats, too.

Spaying and neutering is not expensive -- and there are many low- or no-cost programs available to those who cannot afford the vet bill. All it takes to stop a litter of puppies from being born or a litter of kittens from being abandoned along a roadside is the decision to do what is right in the first place.

If you have a dog or cat you love in your life, give a small gift to the shelter or humane society in his or her honor -- and give the gift of a future to a neglected or unwanted pet. It does not take much to make a difference.

And if you have a little room in your house and heart, consider taking in one of the foundlings at the shelter. Cat or dog, there are plenty of animals who would be excellent additions to any home and who would give a lot of love to any family lucky enough to adopt them.

The sad thing is that there really will be no end to the number of animals needing homes. But if we join forces, we can take care of more than we lose.

Published in Editorials on March 18, 2010 11:02 AM