04/15/10 — Second place: Administration's new mantra seems to be -- mediocre is OK

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Second place: Administration's new mantra seems to be -- mediocre is OK

It is a sad turn of events really -- and one that suggests a direction for America that might make some of its citizens stand up and take notice.

After years of the U.S. being the leader in space exploration, President Barack Obama has announced a plan to step back from the forefront -- and to close and cut programs that previously helped put men and women in space.

The cuts to the NASA programs are being made, in part, in the name of budget cuts, but there is a greater issue here -- and a greater concern.

The decision in itself seems to be just another way that America is becoming not a leader in the world, but a player among many.

The idea is not completely surprising since the new commander in chief seems to spend more time apologizing for America than supporting her, but the NASA decision is one of the first very public manifestations of a move toward mediocrity.

And here is why you should care.

America has always been a place for new ideas and innovation. Freedom and capitalism have allowed great minds from all walks of life to try their hand at business, science or any other endeavor that could bring advancements in a variety of fields.

That is what makes this country a leader -- and it is a spirit that we do not want to lose.

The United States is unique, it is special and it is an example of what happens when people have the opportunity to challenge themselves.

We aren't like everyone else -- and we should not want to be. Our president needs to remember that.

Published in Editorials on April 15, 2010 10:29 AM