05/04/10 — And option 2 is ... So you don't like Arizona's plan, well then what is the answer to illegals?

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And option 2 is ... So you don't like Arizona's plan, well then what is the answer to illegals?

Let's just say for the moment that the Arizona law that allows law enforcement officials to check for citizenship is just too abhorrent for words -- and that we subscribe to the theory that it would lead to civil rights violations.

Then what, perchance, should be done about illegal immigrants and the millions of dollars they are costing this country?

Forget the soapboxes, the campaign speeches designed to appeal to an Hispanic voter pool. Don't tell us what "in theory" should be the answer, give us the real answer -- a workable solution that addresses the real-life concerns that go along with this burgeoning problem.

Because in the end, it is not just about civil rights, although that is a thorny portion of this issue. It is about controlling this nation's borders and requiring certain procedures to become one of its citizens.

Don't forget the social costs, which are enormous. And let's also look at the fairness factor -- what is to be done about the millions who are already here? Do we absorb them into the citizen pool or do we make them go home and do it right? What do we say to the people who are waiting in line, properly, and following the procedures set in place to become a citizen of the United States?

The questions that surround illegal immigration are not easy. There are loud voices on both sides of the issue -- and some of the loudest are coming from the states where the bulk of the costs have to be absorbed. They say they are drowning and cannot continue to deal with the problems that go along with illegal immigration.

Politicians say what they think everybody wants to hear -- and depending on where they are -- send a different message about what should be done next.

The truth is that there has been enough talking. It is time to do something -- and to not accept silence from the leaders who are supposed to be handling this problem.

A workable policy and a timetable are a must.

Published in Editorials on May 4, 2010 10:39 AM